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Bauhaus, International Style Architecture, Tel Aviv

Celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus

When we think of Bauhaus we think of modern architecture and we think of Tel Aviv, the Bauhaus capital of the world. But Bauhaus is not […]
Pansek's Passage, Tel Aviv, Historical building

Pansek’s Passage – The First Commercial Building in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has many architectural gems.  You don't often see them under the layers of dirt and grime, but they are there.  One such gem is a building called "Pansek's Passage" and it is the first commercial building in Tel Aviv.
The New Commercial Center Tel Aviv

The New Commercial Center of Tel Aviv

Do you know where the New Commercial Center of Tel Aviv is? I am not talking about a new mall or covered street.  I am talking about […]

Israeli Historic Preservation as an Answer to Anti Semitism

We are witnessing an extreme rise in the most base form of antisemitism in Europe and the United States. A parade in Belgium boasts puppets dressed […]
Business Development Tel Aviv

The Arab Riots and the Development of Tel Aviv

The Arab Riots of the early 20th century was really a catalyst for the development of Tel Aviv. Before and after World War I the relationship […]
Purim, Historical Buildings Nachalat Binyamin

Purim and Nachalat Binyamin

Years ago, in Tel Aviv, there was a tradition of Purim parades which would take place on Nachalat Benyamin and Allenby Streets.


It never ceases to amaze me how a city like Haifa, which is built on the sea and has so many "gems" to offer its citizens never really took off.

The Birth of a City

Did you ever wonder how a city came to be? Why was it built in a certain place and in a certain way? Why did it develop? Why didn't it develop? Like many things we take our cities for granted. However, should we?

Historical Sites – What can we do with them?

There are many historical sites in Israel. The big question is what is to be done with them? When I say historical sites I do not mean archaeological sites but rather more modern ones.
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