Historical Dossier

Israel Land Administration regulations stipulate that any alteration, restoration or demolition of an historic building requires the preparation of an Historical Dossier (see below for more details). This is a considerable endeavor that necessitates meticulous research, as the final compilation must contain all relevant historical, cultural and architectural information about the historic site and/or the structure, including a detailed description of construction materials, construction methods, ownership rights, previous plans and other relevant data.  A careful and competent investigation of the history of a site or building generally unearths invaluable information that dictates planning, licensing and implementation decisions throughout the restoration project up until its full completion.

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Shemer’s multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise enable us to prepare and deliver accurate, professional and comprehensive historical dossiers that facilitate and expedite your preservation and restoration project and prevent unnecessary bureaucratic delays.

The Historical Dossier contains the following information:

  • History:  Who lived in the building? Did any significant historic event take place there?
  • Architecture: Who was the architect? Was he famous in any way? What architectural style was used and why?
    Is the style important or significant?
  • Construction methods and materials:  What building methods were used and are they unique in any way?
    Were they imported to Israel and if so, from where? What building materials were used?
  • Historical plans: Information regarding original and later plans for the building.
  • Legal aspects: the rights to the property in the past and present
  • Historical evidence: aerial or other photos of the original structure
  • Present plans and permits: Present architectural plans and past and present permits.
  • Making the case for preservation: Is the building worthy of preservation and if so, why?

“I have often wondered what it is an old building can do to you when you happen to know a little about the things that went on long ago in that building.”

-Carl Sandburg-

Historic building owners and entrepreneurs!

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