Historic Properties

Israel’s modern history has created an abundance of historic properties that have great aesthetic, historical, cultural and even scientific value.  They are modest or massive, and situated in cities or rural areas. In addition to their allure as private homes, they are in high demand for use as hotels, hostels, colleges, theaters, commercial buildings and more. Many properties have already been designated as historic and cultural landmarks; many others, however, have yet to be recognized and conserved, so that their owners can reap their full benefits and value.


That is where Shemer comes in. 

  • We accompany owners of historic property through the process of transforming their property into attractive rental units, prominent public landmarks, or prestigious locales for offices and businesses.
  • We assist entrepreneurs, investors and organizations in identifying historic properties for purchase and conservation. We will help you explore the investment potential of the property by researching its legal status, mapping out conservation and preservation costs and assessing its final market value.


Shemer’s experience and expertise, expansive database of historic properties, and close working relations with The Society for the Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites, ICOMOS-Israel, local authorities across Israel, the Israel Land Authority, among other relevant organizations, are important assets in realizing your preservation and economic visions and goals.

”Great buildings, like great mountains,

are the work of centuries.”

-Victor Hugo-

Historic building owners and entrepreneurs!

Let us help you realize the full potential of your property. Call us today.

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